Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

R.I.P. Gary

(02:12:28 PM) Scott Baker: I can't be on call this weekend :(
(02:12:36 PM) Dietz, Jason: Why?
(02:13:37 PM) Scott Baker: I'm too distraught
(02:14:56 PM) Dietz, Jason: Over what?
(02:15:02 PM) Scott Baker: ARE YOU SERIOUS
(02:15:04 PM) Scott Baker: Don't mock me
(02:15:04 PM) Dietz, Jason: Gary Coleman?
(02:15:08 PM) Scott Baker: I'm hurting here
(02:15:15 PM) Scott Baker: YES GARY EFFING COLEMAN!
(02:15:18 PM) Scott Baker: he was my light
(02:15:18 PM) Dietz, Jason: Dude.
(02:15:23 PM) Dietz, Jason: What do you think Gary would want?
(02:15:29 PM) Dietz, Jason: He taught us how to laugh, not cry.
(02:15:51 PM) Dietz, Jason: If he were here right now he'd hold his head up high and say "What'chu talken bout, Scott?"
(02:15:57 PM) Scott Baker: Yes he would
(02:16:03 PM) Dietz, Jason: You owe it to him to be on call this weekend.
(02:16:14 PM) Scott Baker: So true... you really put things in perspective

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