Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Gigli FTW

We always used to joke that if you download Gigli via BitTorrent instead of the studios sending a cease and decist that they'd mail you a check for $5.

(01:07:29 PM) Kirk Wipff: hahah, i start seeding gigli at home before i went to school and forgot about, so i come back home last weekend and was trying to figure out why the internet seemed slower than usual
(01:07:44 PM) Kirk Wipff: i go check the torrent and had uploaded 33.7 gb of gigli ROFL
(01:07:48 PM) Scott Baker: HAHAHAAHA
(01:08:01 PM) Kirk Wipff: mission accomplished!
(01:08:07 PM) Scott Baker: YOU WIN!
(01:08:33 PM) Scott Baker: You sir win 7 free innernetz
(01:08:49 PM) Kirk Wipff: haha of course no one else at the house could tell the difference in the connection so it could have gone on for who knows how long
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