Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Civil War game summarized

(08:36:20 AM) Scott Baker: How about a that local sporting event
(08:36:25 AM) Scott Baker: that one team really whooped that other team
(08:36:33 AM) Scott Baker: that was some serious playmanship
(08:37:39 AM) Dietz, Jason: Yes. I was quite enthralled buy the display of one college sports team pitted against another.
(08:37:58 AM) Dietz, Jason: Neither of which school I attended.
(08:38:09 AM) Scott Baker: Did you see the part with the ball? Traveling from one player to another across that arbitrary line?
(08:38:13 AM) Dietz, Jason: But still felt emotionally involved in at least one of them.
(08:38:42 AM) Dietz, Jason: Yes. That certainly seemed to gain them some other position in the game.
(08:39:58 AM) Scott Baker: The crowd was really cheering on their team favorite and the mascots really got involved too
(08:40:33 AM) Dietz, Jason: I loved/hated how the team I was "cheering" for won/lost.

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