Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Jason on Boxxy

(08:39:55 AM) Scott Baker: I dare you to watch the whole thing without slitting your wrists -
(08:40:32 AM) Jason Dietz: Is it worse that pickle surprise?
(08:41:16 AM) Scott Baker: kinda
(08:41:37 AM) Jason Dietz: I only made it a minute and 2 seconds.
(08:41:53 AM) Jason Dietz: I'll probably die tomorrow like in that movie where they watch that VHS tape and die the next day.
(08:42:10 AM) Jason Dietz: I think part of me just died.
(08:42:17 AM) Jason Dietz: I've never wanted to kill someone so badly in my life.
(08:42:42 AM) Jason Dietz: When shit like that ends up on the interent, the terrorists have won.
(08:43:06 AM) Jason Dietz: That's like the video equivalent of brown noise.
(08:43:13 AM) Jason Dietz: I literally just shat myself.

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