Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Ancient Warlocks

(08:41:52 AM) Scott Baker: I don't know what you have against Dan
(08:41:54 AM) Scott Baker: he's a really nice guy
(08:41:59 AM) Scott Baker: just the other day he was talking about you
(08:42:12 AM) Jason Dietz: Yeah. Talking shit about me.
(08:42:27 AM) Jason Dietz: And plotting my destruction.
(08:42:31 AM) Scott Baker: (4:33:09 PM) Dan West: That Jason guy is really good at his job, I really respect him as a person.
(08:43:16 AM) Jason Dietz: (4:33:09 PM) Dan West: I totally just fed Scott Baker a line of bull about you being a nice guy and being good at your job but in reality I'm out to destroy you!
(08:43:24 AM) Scott Baker: (4:34:12 PM) Dan West: He was my role model in support, they broke the mold when they made that guy. Sometimes I think he may be some sort of gift from God... or maybe a god himself. He's pretty amazing
(08:43:45 AM) Jason Dietz: I see he's turned you against me too.
(08:43:55 AM) Jason Dietz: Scott Baker
(08:44:01 AM) Jason Dietz: My best friend
(08:44:09 AM) Jason Dietz: Alligned with Dan West, my greatest enemy.
(08:44:31 AM) Jason Dietz: What you don't understand Scott is that Dan and mine's feud is an ancient one.
(08:46:59 AM) Scott Baker: ancient?
(08:47:21 AM) Jason Dietz: Yes. I'm fairly certain that he's a warlock that I've been re-incarnated to battle with.

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