Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

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Got this email today... gotta love the QE405 love fest.

Hi, Scott.

I just recently found your web page, apparently created over a year ago, ". . . dedicated to the Pentel QE405 which is quite simply the worlds most perfect writing utensil." I am sending you my sincere appreciation for creating this web page, which led me back to my all-time favorite mechanical pencil.

I had this pencil--several, in fact--years ago in my accounting class, and I absolutely loved it. It has been a real loss, sort of like a background missing part of me, ever since my last one bit the dust, and I could not find this pencil anywhere for purchase. I looked for it for some time before I gave up.

That was years ago, but I was recently ordering some office supplies, and I thought again of my favorite pencil as I looked with distaste at one of the substitutes I am putting up with. On a whim, I searched the web using the number on my old pencils. I had kept a couple, even though they no longer work. To my amazement, I instantly found what I was seeking. Your web site came up first, right under the ads. Imagine that, you are a first on Google.

Because of your guidance, I went to the Pentel site immediately a couple of days ago. I ordered six of these fantastic pencils before they disappear again. They have the number QE405F (the F is for Frost). I ordered two colors: One is the QE405FS for Sky blue and the other is the QE405FP for Pink. The translucent color is more attractive in person than on the Pentel site and actually looks nice.

My pencils were delivered just a few minutes ago, and I am so excited! This is indeed the pencil I loved, albeit in a new translucent color. I put in some leads to try one right now, and it is just as terrific as I remember. The same click on the eraser extends the lead, the same twist raises the wonderfully huge eraser, the same ample but comfortably narrow barrel easily slips open to hold lots of leads, and best of all, the same lightweight, balanced feel makes this pencil great to use. It is like recovering a lost part of myself to have my well-loved pencils back again.

I know a pencil seems like a small thing, but I'm glad to know that someone else is aware of the many daily moments of appreciation for this small perfection and of the loss when it is missing. I can't thank you enough for helping me find and replace my all-time favorite pencils.

I hope all is well with you!

Nancy Camargo

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