Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Poop poop poop!

Gabe has been having some relapses on his potty training. The last three days in a row he's pooped in his underwear. Angie told me he did it again today while I was at work and she was really frustrated. Tonight when I got home from work I smelled "the smell" and sure enough he'd pooped his underwear twice in one day!

I'm not as easily frustrated by the whole thing as Angie is so Gabe and marched down the hall to the shower. I put Gabe in, turned on the water and start removing the soiled underwear. He proceeds to reach for the soap to clean himself. He makes a couple trips between his butt and the soap getting his poopy hands all over the wall. So there's poop in the bottom of the bathtub as I clean out his undies, poopy hand prints on the wall, and a half clean half poopy three year old butt when *POP* the shower head comes off!

The old plastic shower nozzle finally broke. So now I'm stuck with a: poopy kid, poopy wall, poopy undies, and a poopy tub and only a cup and the spigot to clean it up with. It was three times as fun as it sounds!

Note: Poopy is not in the spell check dictionary. I shall add it!

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