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Scott Francis Baker

September 25th, 2008

The blue bomber returns better than ever! @ 03:01 pm

I downloaded Megaman 9 on Wiiware a couple days ago. WOW! Capcom really outdid themselves on that game.

Megaman is back in all his 8 bit glory from the NES days of the 80s. The attention to detail and level of creativity on the game are outstanding. If you're a fan of the blue bomber you owe it to yourself to check out his latest incarnation. This game is the epitome of quality NES games. With an option to turn on screen flicker just like the old school NES the nostalgia doesn't get any better.

A bit of warning though: this ain't your mama's Megaman. It's designed for the hardcore Megaman fans, and it's not easy. The complexity is also part of its charm! I spent about an hour and a half before I beat a single boss.

The sales for the game were quite high, selling 60,000 units on launch day alone! Hopefully this will spur some design houses to dust off their 8 bit hats and design some new adventures for old heroes. I'd love to see a new 8 bit Metroid or Mario game.
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Scott Francis Baker