Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Bad DVDs

I dusted off my old X-Files: Fight the Future DVD for a little X-Files fix yesterday. The first thing it plays is the fancy THX certification logo. Normally this wouldn't mean anything but then I noticed that the DVD defaults to 2.0 sound. You have to go into the "language options" menu to get 5.1 sound! Why bother to get THX certified and then default to 2.0 sound... lame!

Then today I loaded up Rush Hour 3 and when you hit play movie it asks you if you want full screen or wide screen. It defaults to the full screen option! It's 2008 why are movies even offered in full screen any more? If you must put a full screen version on the disk, make it an option in the menus, not something you have to select on every viewing.
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