Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker


scooty and I went down to the MtG Shadowmoor Pre-release. We got there in the middle of the first sealed deck session and had to kill about an hour and a half before the second started. Scotty and played some and just watched some other people play which was fun. It was all downhill from there.

Neither of us had ever done sealed deck before, so it was all new to us. They gave us a tournament starter, two boosters and thirty minutes to come up with a deck. It was a new format, and all new cards as well neither of which contributed to my success. What I came up with didn't work at all, even after swapping colors midway through the day, my record for the day was 1 and 11. That counts the two side games I played Scotty where he whooped me.

Overall it was a pretty sad day. I'll have to check tomorrow and see what place I finished. There were at least 80 people playing in the tourney were in. I'm hoping to not be in the bottom five, that's how bad it was. Seeing as several flat dropped out, I may be ok!

It was an interesting event. A mere step above ordered chaos. It's hard to enjoy yourself when you spend four hours just losing. At least the people there were nice, helpful, and showered (I was surprised). So I guess it wasn't all bad.
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