Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Getting your kids drunk

When I woke up this morning Gabe wanted some juice. That's a pretty normal request in the morning, so I checked the fridge and there was a pitcher of juice ready to go. We had a small get together last night and Angie had made some mixed drinks (girly drinks) so I was a little wary she made a whole pitcher of drinks. I smelled it... paused... smelled it again and didn't smell booze. I was about to pour Gabe a glass when I wanted to triple check. I poured myself half a glass and drank it. I didn't taste any booze so I was pretty sure it was just juice, and Angie had mixed the drinks separately.

I poured Gabe half a glass of juice, and then added the other half in water. He proceeded to drink it happily, and I was sure he was fine. About an hour and a half later Angie wakes up and I ask her to make sure again, that the pitcher was just juice. It turns out I was wrong! Apparently it was a really strong girly drink, concocted by her to mask the booze flavor all together. Amaretto, multiple types of rum, and fruit juice. Mixed just well enough you couldn't taste the booze at all. By the time we realized it Gabe had drank all of it.

We kept an eye on him and he seemed fine. Angie asked me what symptoms we should be looking for. I told her when I get drunk I drunk dial my ex-girlfriends ("Why did we ever break up... ??? I still love you...") or strip for the pizza guy when he gets to the door. Neither of which Gabe did. I think he'll be OK.

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