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Scott Francis Baker

January 5th, 2008

Obama destroys Iowa @ 10:53 am

RollingStone.com has a really interesting take on the Iowa caucuses. I recommend you read it.

Hillary lost tonight to Barack Obama by 8 points — a margin just as wide as Mitt Romney catastrophic shortfall against Mike Huckabee.

And Obama beat her eight ways to Sunday. He edged her out among Democrats 32/31, and cleaned her clock among independents (44/17) and wayward Republicans (41/10). He beat her among people making less than $15,000 (37/30) and more than $100,000 (41/19). He beat her among health-care voters (34/30) and suburban voters (30/25).

Most astounding however, he beat her among her core supporters, women, by five points. What more can I say than — in a night of mind boggling statistics — that that’s the stat of the night.

A black man did this. In a state that’s 96 percent white. This is truly a historic night in America.
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Date:January 5th, 2008 08:04 pm (UTC)


I agree that the results are both astounding and extremely significant. I really believe that many voters do not buy her argument that being First Lady gave her experience that qualifies her to be President to any extent that is equal to or greater than other candidates. I am one of those voters.

Scott Francis Baker