Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Sith > Jedi

scott: I've come to the conclusion that the Jedi are clown shoes
potsie: Why are they clown shoes?
scott: there are THOUSANDS of them
scott: and in 1000 years of jedi history
scott: Obi wan and Anakin are the ONLY ones to kill a Sith
scott: There are only TWO sith at any given time
scott: and they TOTALLY outsmart the Jedi
scott: at every turn
scott: Jedi = totally lame
potsie: Well the Jedi killed sith in the hyperspace wars.
potsie: And the mandalorian war.
potsie: And the Sith War.
scott: Since Darth Bane they're pretty much UNSTOPPABLE
potsie: Well that's because everybody thinks they are dead.
scott: palpatine is RIGHT under their nose
potsie: By the time that The Phantom Menace rolls around there aren't supposed to be any Sith.
scott: they don't see it
potsie: That's because he's using the Dark Side to hide his Dark Sidedness.
scott: One of them didn't see it coming
potsie: Yeah.
scott: they were 10 feet away!
potsie: No.
potsie: So.
scott: If I had to chose
scott: I'd go to the Dark Side
scott: they get things done
potsie: Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
scott: Oh!
scott: Plus
scott: Grievous
scott: not even a Sith
scott: and he totally owns a bunch of Jedi
potsie: I hate you.
scott: he's just some dude that crashed and got a new body
potsie: You almost just made me turn to the dark side.
scott: and some light saber skills
scott: haha
scott: I really wanted to like the Jedi
scott: but they just can't get their act together
potsie: The Jedi are way better than The Sith.
potsie: The Sith are punk ass biatches.
scott: THe Jedi are cooler
scott: but the Sith get things done
potsie: No they don't.
potsie: It took them like eleventythousand years to take over the republic.
potsie: And they can't even work as a team.
potsie: The suck.
scott: Heh
potsie: They are chumps.
scott: The Jedi never should have let palpatine (sith or no) get that powerful
scott: and get in a position to kill them ALL
potsie: The Jedi aren't in charge of shit.
scott: order 68 or whatever
potsie: They are just like the intergalactic peace keepers.
scott: Where's the Jedi union!
potsie: They serve the Senate.
scott: THey need to get organized!
scott: Jedi Teamsters!!!!!!111111111111111111111111nineteen
potsie: Whatever Darth Fagus.
scott: HAHAHA ouch

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