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Scott Francis Baker

November 19th, 2006

Student brings 5-foot boa constrictor to school. Prinicpal Samuel L. Jackson not amused @ 07:23 am

I've been up since 5am since Gabriel decided he just wanted to cry. Not really sure what his deal is. We tried everything, but ultimately I just calmed him down and let him fuss in his crib for about half an hour. After he fell asleep at 6:20 I was just about to try to go back to sleep when I saw themabbi's post about going to get a Wii. I called him and he said they were in line at Freddies Wii in hand.

So I'm gonna head over to Voltron for a while to check it out. We'll see how exhausted I am later when Angie and I go to a play at 2pm.
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Scott Francis Baker