Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

"Abe Vigoda-brand orange juice"

The doctor came by today and asked how I was doing, and how my stomach was. After explaining to him how I was feeling and my symptoms he seemed pretty surprised. So surprised that I'd recovered that he said I didn't need to get the anal probe tomorrow! There is no better way to start your day than a cancelled anal probe. So they're going to keep me in here until tomorrow morning, give me one last dose of the IV steroids and send me home.

I asked about going back to work next week and he didn't have any problem with that as long as I was feeling ok after the weekend, and I promised to take it easy. So I'll probably either be back at work next week, or work from home and finish up some stuff. It'll be nice to get back in to the swing of (normal) things again.

He did suggest that I schedule and appointment and start talking to a surgeon. That way I'm at least on the books, and I can get some more information. Apparently the lady that pioneered the surgery that I'd need is at OHSU. I heard she has patients fly in from all across the US to have her perform their colectomies. Makes it nice that she's so close.

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