Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Evil twin kills brother after argument over chewing gum. Or was he the evil twin?

The gastro doctor explains a colectomy as a two part surgery. The first surgery consists of them going in and removing my entire colon which is between four and six feet long. They install a colostomy bag and all the associated "ports" at the same time. I'd stay in the hospital for about five days, and then go home for a two or three week recovery period. I'd spend the next three months adjusting to not having a colon and healing.

When I'm feeling better they'd schedule the second part of the surgery where they go back in and remove the colostomy bag and fashion a small "pouch" out of part of my small intestine which would function as a fake colon. Then would then hook everything back up the way it was before. Then I'd be able to go to the bathroom normally (just more often). Again I'd be in the hospital about five days, and another two or three weeks of recovery at home.

At that point I'm "cured" because I'd no longer have a colon any more. I'd be off all medications and I could lead a normal life. This could be subject to change after I talk to a surgeon, but that's my understanding right now.

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