Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Italians constructing chocolate igloo can't figure out how to make it stop from melting

On Saturday I called the Gastro Doctor to talk about my options. After having been released from the hospital last time (less than two weeks ago) I really hadn't improved much. He told me that the amount of meds I was on should be having a larger effect, and if I wasn't responding I needed to be back in the hospital. I was feeling ok, but I anxious to get my life back on track so I checked in to the hospital. The put me on IV meds right away and started monitoring me.

What the doctor told me was that there are four ways to treat colitis and I'm allergic to one, and resistant to the second. That only leaves two treatments, and they're more severe. He told me at that point that I had about a 50/50 chance having to have a colectomy (removal of the colon) within a year.

On Monday they gave me a flex sigmoidoscopy to check out the end of my colon. He said, "on a scale of one to ten your colon is about a nine" on the messed up scale. At that point he told me that I was looking at about an 80% of having my colon out within the year. So where it stands right now is that he's giving me new meds (types three and four) and giving me another exam on Friday to see if things look any better. If things look better (I'm responding to the meds) hopefully they'll send me home. Otherwise I'll most likely be getting an emergency colectomy some time next week.

So I'm stuck in the hospital until at LEAST Friday. Which sucks because I'm bored out of my mind. So far today I've finished my book, watched a DVD, and surfed the net. It's only 10:30! I'll probably play my DS and start my next book this afternoon. So if you're out there and your bored come up and visit me at Willamette Falls room 2009. I'll be the guy laying in bed bored.

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