Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Man sues after his son's arranged bride from India is ugly

Baby Gabe had swimming lessons tonight. Usually Angie takes care of that, but tonight she had to work. So it was hairy me and Gabe tonight instead. After we get to the pool I realize I didn't bring the diaper bag, so no change of clothes, or diaper. I tell Gabe we'll be fine as he just had his diaper changed and class is only half an hour long.

We get in to the locker room and I go to put his trunks on him and he's totally pooed up. I've got no diaper bag so I have to make due with toilet paper (which is not designed for a squirming baby). Luckily he doesn't need a diaper in the pool, he just has to make it home. No big deal I McGuyver'd that one up right. So I put on my trunks and maneuver my folded clothes, wallet, phone, etc (no bag to store them in) in one hand, and pick Gabe with the other. Hmmmmmmmmm why am I warm and wet... hey what's that dripping down my... SON OF A!

As I picked him up he's peeing! As least it was in a pool locker room so it just went down the drain. So then I had to put all my clothes down and go shower us both down to remove the urine! Then I had to do the baby, clothing balancing act again so we could head out to the pool. After that swim lessons were a lot of fun, but only after all bodily fluids were taken care of.

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