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Scott Francis Baker

Man tries to rob pawn shop with knife, does not notice all the guns on the wall; gets shot for his t

I was trying to play Final Fantasy IX on my PS2 today and it wouldn't even read the disc. I've had problems for a while where my PS2 doesn't seem to read discs. I was able to determine that it won't read CDs (PS1 games, or PS2 CDs), but it will read DVDs just fine. After doing a little Googling I found a site that covers disc read issues on the PS2. I figured I'd give it a shot. I wasn't sure how well things were going until baby Gabe came over and ripped out a cable I hadn't noticed. After that my PS2 wouldn't even turn on. I was able to bust out my needle nose pliars and get everything fixed, but it was freaky there for a bit.

After some tweaking I can now play Final Fantasy IX on my PS2! Final Fantasy IX rocks. It's even better the second time.

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