Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Golf cart thief admits to consuming alcohol that day

Ben on Vice President Dick Cheney shooting a 78 guy in the chest, neck, and face with a shotgun while bird hunting.

mabbi: you know, I was just thinking
mabbi: Poor Aaron Burr
mabbi: now he has nothing special to be famous for Did he shoot a guy in the face?
mabbi: he used to be the only Vice President to have shot a man
mabbi: sadly, no longer
mabbi: "shot a man" not including as a soldier in war Jared said Jefferson shot someone on the whitehouse lawn but he was president so it's ok
mabbi: I've never heard that
mabbi: I call foul
mabbi: Jared has more gun knowhow than I do though
mabbi: maybe it just never came up on my radar HAHAHAHAAH
mabbi: but I have a freakishly large store of presidential trivia in my bag, so I'm gonna lean towards bogus on that one He's not responding I think you beat him into submission
molallaboy: bah
molallaboy: guess i'm full of shit

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