Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Elway sends reclining massage chair to student taunted for Broncos jersey

So today I'm talking to this guy who runs the jabber server and this is what I get... Wow man!

scott: So why ursine.CA
scott: you're not in canada
scott: obviously Technically, we are. Vote at Champoeg's legal outcome puts the Oregon Territory as Canadian. I strongly feel the US needs to stop claiming otherwise and transceed the original Oregon Territory to Canada. Either way, I'm moving to Port Moody or Vancouver sooner or later.
scott: Wait what!?!
scott: Vote where... what? The US argued, with military threat, that illegal votes by nonvoting felons counts in the 1847 Vote at Champoeg. Oregon didn't voluntarily join the US. The US thinks felons count, so by their count, the Oregon Territory is American by one vote It's actually Canadian by one vote.
scott: From 1847? Yes. That vote is what Oregon, Washington, and Idaho base their statehood on. And wastern Montana and a piece of Whyoming.
scott: Crazy Yeah. What is now Washington State was briefly Canadian before the Americans decided to seize it. I'm almost certain naming the "renegade territory" after the first US president is a form of revenge...
scott: That's crazy They say truth is stranger than's amazing what you find out when you decide to look into the stuff they just gloss over with a paragraph in school... If you want a good earful about state history, talk to some of the old-timers and historians that hang out at some of the key locations, like the Oregon City Locks and to a lesser extent various Oregon City and Champoeg area landmarks

Heh he's a furry as well as crazy!

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