Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Two Chinese men ride lawnmower into Russia, claim they got lost while cutting grass

Today after the baby's second nap I pulled him out of the crib and he was soaking wet. Somehow he peed and it leaked out of the diaper all over his clothes and the sheets. This was the second time in one day. So I moved him over to the changing table, and pulled of his diaper and it was full of about 9 gallons of pee. So I figure it wasn't the baby's fault... no diaper could hold that much.

So I'm changing his diaper and clothes and he's buck naked on the changing table on his stomach. I'm drying off his back just about to put his clothes on and I see this little white thing in his butt crack. After fishing it out I was able to determine that it was half of one of those clips that hold clothes tags to the clothes. I felt like a terrible parent at that point. Not only was my son lying in about 9 gallons of his own urine, but he had plastic in his butt crack.

In his defense he slept for his whole nap period, and only woke up because I woke him up to eat.

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