Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

New P2P programs are released faster than J.Lo can get engaged.

Yesterday themabbi came over and we drove to Sears so I could by a new washing machine. They only had one in the size I needed (the one I was replacing was 24 inches). Angie's dad was nice enough to come over and measure while we were at Sears. Turns out after you tuck behind the door jam I had 27.5 inches, so we got a 27 incher. We had to run to my parent's to borrow my dad's truck to haul it. Installing it was fun, Ben and I had to do some Tetris like maneuvering to get it in, but we got it.

Also during that time I spent a good three or four hours underneath my house running ethernet for my TV installation. I don't even want to talk about it, it was a pain in the butt. I'm still sore today. Angie's dad suggested I take some Ibuprofen yesterday so I wouldn't be as sore today. I didn't know you could take Ibuprofen as a preemptive strike, but it seems to have worked. I'm not as sore as I would have been.

This morning I was awoken at 8:30AM by my neighbor's chainsaw. After I went over and talked to him he turned it off until ten. At 1pm scooty came over and helped me move a nice china cabinet Angie's parents were getting rid of. So now Angie and I have a china cabinet. After that Scotty and I drove my dad's truck back to his house, and went downtown to the Memorial Coliseum for a Comic Book Show. We weren't expecting too much for a local show, but it was really cool. With only a $6 entry fee you got access to a lot of comics. Overall Scotty and I were very happy we went. I guess they're doing another one in March, I'm sure we'll go back.

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