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Scott Francis Baker

July 24th, 2005

11-year-old faces jail time for groping old chicks after asking them for directions @ 02:40 pm

I have this old 15" TV in the master bedroom that's always had a problem with the color on one side. It must have come from the factory a little messed up after being too near a magnetic field. All it really needed was a simple degaussing, but TVs don't come with that option. The other day I came across this crazy method to fix a magnet damaged monitor, and I began to wonder if it would work on my TV as well. Today I picked up $1.99 worth of magnets and tested it out.

After a little experimentation I'd say it works pretty damn well. I did have to put my drill in high-speed mode as normal speed didn't seem to be doing anything. I also had to tape the magnets to the drill bit to keep them from flying off. After I went around the TV a couple of times it appears the color is fixed on the bad side. I'll check again in a couple of hours to see if it reverted or not.

Digg.com has some great stuff, you should be reading it.

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Date:July 25th, 2005 01:50 am (UTC)


Very clever! Our bedroom TV has had color distortions since we first got it too, but I never thought about it being a magnetic problem.

Scott Francis Baker