Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Indiana teen arrested for sexual vampire activity

After seeing the trailer for Stealth Isaac and I were joking about how lightning can turn your computers evil. So today we had a crazy thunderstorm, and thus this conversation:

scott: You see that thunder outside?
forcei: Yep
scott: Remember to do a "echo 0 > /proc/evil"
scott: just in case your computer gets infected
forcei: Good call
forcei: I'll make a cron job do it every 5 minutes just in case
scott: I was just thinking that
scott: spread the word
forcei: Hopefully they'll solve that whole computers becoming evil when hit by lightning thing in the future
scott: Isn't that fixed in the new kernel
scott: Or does that require then new P4 chip with evil stack protection
scott: I forget
forcei: I think it's the newer AMD actually.. They included it with the stop execution bit that's used for virus protection

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