Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

"I need something new to be gay for. You know how I always have that one thing..." - Jared Hayes

Angie and I have been talking about getting a fullsize freezer for the garage for a couple months now. After a brief check of the newspaper I realized a used one would be about $100 - $150. I'd been putting off getting one for a while now just out of laziness (I didn't want to have to clean my garage to clear a place for it). Today biking home from work my next door neighbor had a freezer on a dolly so I stopped and asked if he needed some help getting it in his house.

"Nope it's going right here on the curb, I'm gonna test it and try and sell it."
"Oh yeah, how much are you thinking?"
"Oh probably $40"
"Cool, well test it and let me know, if it works I'd be interested"

An hour later he knocks on my door and tells me the temperature inside is less than 40 degrees and I should come take a look at it. After checking it out (it looked pretty ok for a $40 freezer) I biked down to the bank to get him cash. On the way back I noticed the freezer wasn't on the curb anymore. I started thinking he'd sold it to somebody else in the five minutes it took me to bike down to the bank but as I pulled into my driveway I realized he'd already moved it around the corner and into my garage.

Needless to say I think it was $40 well spent. I already have ice cubes, so I think it works ok. Even if it only lasts a year, that's still a good deal. New freezers are $400 at minimum. Crazy how things work out sometimes.

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