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Scott Francis Baker

May 4th, 2005

Woman expecting her first child at the tender age of 67. No word if they will wear matching diapers @ 08:52 pm

(20:25:29) ScottICQ: Ok
(20:25:30) ScottICQ: it's over
(20:25:35) ScottICQ: Angie and I are getting a divorce
(20:25:38) ScottICQ: it was fun while it lasted...
(20:25:44) ScottICQ: she just dropped the biggest bomb on me
(20:26:34) Potsie: What happened?
(20:26:53) ScottICQ: She hates Chris Elliot
(20:26:57) Potsie: WHAT
(20:27:00) ScottICQ: how can she expect me to live in the same house as that
(20:27:03) Potsie: Has she seen Cabin Boy?
(20:27:24) ScottICQ: That's what I said! That movie is Hollywood Gold
(20:29:02) Potsie: THESE PIPES...ARE CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
(20:29:13) ScottICQ: Heh
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Scott Francis Baker