Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Scooty: if you don't want the wang and want the tang then you gotta kiss da bootay

Man am I worn out. I got a lot accomplished today. First off I hit Home Depot for some much needed pieces to my garage upgrade project. I got some power outlets, power boxes, and 50 feet of romex cable. After spending about 20 minutes figuring out how the power in my garage is run, I was able to add on two more power outlets. Before today my garage had two outlets in the whole thing, after I got done it now has four, and the capability to run a bunch more. Running new power outlets really isn't that hard, plus it gave me an excuse to us my multimeter. Not to mention my garage was pretty filthy so as I was working I was able to clean and organize it.

After that I finished staining the shelf I needed to restain, and then I sealed the dresser and all the drawers for it. Polyurethane is some pretty nasty stuff, it really ate through the sponge I was using to apply it. Hopefully the dresser will turn out OK. All that's left is to let it dry and run some steel wool over it and it'll be done. Hopefully everything will be done tomorrow so I can start using my garage again.

My dad may come over tomorrow to help me get my yard in shape, if it doesn't rain that is. It rained most of the day, so I had to come up with other creative uses for my time.

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