Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Texas company recalls candles because they could catch fire

So we're discussing fortnights at work and no one could remember how long they were. So we Wikipedia'd it, and it turns out a fortnight is 14 days. Interesting enough they mention microfortnights (1.2096 seconds) and nanofortnights (1.2096 milliseconds) also. Who knew!

Also apparently one attoparsec per microfortnight is about one inch per second. So next time a cop pulls you over and says "Do you know how fast you were going?" you can reply with, "Ya I think I was going about one attoparsec per fortnight... is that a problem?" I'm sure they'll let you off.

On a completely unrelated note when coming back from lunch the other day I found this totally non-descript CD-R lying in the grass. It was all dirty and soaking wet but I thought we could salvage it. After scrubbing it and letting it dry we found it containedn two things: paloma.jpg and a shortcut to the E: drive. What a strange thing to burn on a CD.


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