Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

It's a slow news day when you report on a math teacher with a "bling-bling protractor"


There is nothing more frustrating that some stupid website with 800 javascript redirects and user license forms that you have to wade through just to download a stupid file. Not to mention when it's a vendor that we pay lots of money too. I just spent the last hour trying to download some new software for some hardware we need to upgrade. I tried my linux pc, my Windows PC, and a XP box, and three different browsers and no combination thereof worked!!! Between stupid javascript redirects and funcky backend file obscuring I was thwarted at every turn! I even tore apart the HTML trying to get the link and still no go. I'm a smart guy, I should be able to download a file if I need to.

Just post the damn file on a normal web server and email me the link. It's NOT that damn hard!
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