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Scott Francis Baker

Man kills himself with chain saw during arrest

I'm reading this cool book Comic Book Nation, which basically covers the history of comics. I haven't got very far into it, but I have found out some interesting things. There was a lot of WWII plot threads in comic books back in the day. A couple things I found intersting.

  1. Captain American was created as a response to WWII activity. In fact Captain American punched Hitler in the face more than a year before the US ever got involved in WWII.
  2. Superman had to get involved in the war somehow, he is the defender or truth, justice, and the American way. However sending Superman to war meant the war would have ended in one day and they didn't want to belittle the war effort. So as the enlistment office Superman accidentally uses his x-ray vision and reads the wrong eye chart so they think he's blind and they he's rejected from enlisting.
  3. After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor there was a huge increase in horrible Japanese stereotypes in comics. Which is ironic because from pretty much comic inception comic book characters have been championed tollerance and understanding

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