Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

And I was like... EMILIO!

Tuesday is really shaping up to be a good day for DVDs. I was checking the Freddies ad this morning while I was eating breakfast and not only is Napoleon Dynamite coming out on Tuesday but so is The Simpson: The Complete Fifth Season. I didn't even know the fifth season was coming out, I haven't quite finished watching season 4 yet. Still... MUST OWN!

On another note I was reading the annual Christmas newsletter from my aunt and uncle and they had an interesting story to tell. I should start off by saying that they have four kids, three of which are between 12 and 17. Apparently the kids (my cousins) really wanted to get an Xbox so their dad told them they could get an Xbox if they could go three hours without saying the word "like." My first thought was... only three hours? That should be a cakewalk. I guess they didn't make it as they only lasted 20 minutes!

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