Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Bicycle drive-by shootings plaguing Palo Alto

Yesterday I finally beat Final Fantasy X-2 after about thirty hours. I was going to get 100% on that game, but it was so painful that I gave up and just beat it. That game had a lot of potential but it really fell short in a lot of categories. By the end of the game I was really tired of it. My favorite was the last battle. Right before the battle the main character says something to the effect of, "if we can beat him with our weapons we'll use plan B *dramatic pause* love!" It was extremely cheesy. The game had some of the best graphics I've ever seen, but not much else.

Today after work Scotty, Jason and I went out to Wilsonville where we found a new comic book store. Sweet Eddies it's called and it's been open for approximately three weeks. Their inventory is pretty slim right now, but they've only been open three weeks. The majority of a comic book store's inventory is in back issues, of which he doesn't have much of any because he's so new. The owner was there and he seemed pretty nice. It's more convenient that Things From Another World so I'll try and go there in the future if possible.

Is anyone watching this season of The Amazing Race? Good lord, I don't think I've ever wanted to kick a dude in the nuts more than blue hair. That guy is a total tool seriously!

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