Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Andrew: you just dont want to imagine gandalf or magneto with a cock up their ass

Isaac, Russ, and myself just got back from doing some tool shopping at Harbour Freight. I got some killer deals on a lot of tools and assorted accessories. That store is pretty crazy, I bought a lot of stuff I didn't really need just because it was cheap. For example they had a kind of cool 43 piece screwdriver set for $3.99. I probably have three screw driver sets, but for $3.99 I'll find a use for it. I think Isaac bought 10 rolls of teflon tape for $1. He'll never use all of that, but it's a nice thing to have around if you do.

On the way back Russ wanted to stop in at Eagle Outfitters which Russ calls "Little Costco" because they sell Costco overstock. So we walk in to the place and the guy says, "Hey Russ!" Russ is a regular in that place because they have good prices and because they'll let him haggle. I wasn't going to buy anything but I saw they had Deep Space Nine Season 6 on the counter. It was a used copy, but it pretty good condition. I looked it over and found it acceptable and thought the $63.99 price they had on it was pretty good. The best I'd found online was $75 and that was rare. So I decided to buy it and the guy says, "how about $50" as he took my debit card. Sometimes being Russ' friend pays off :)

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