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Jawa? What's a Jawa? What's this picture about anyway!

So basically George Lucas felt pressured into releasing Star Wars on DVD now (instead of 5 years ago when it should have been released!) because he was worried that if he waited any longer that people would just pirate it and not buy it!?! Are you kidding me? The Star Wars franchise is probably one of the biggest movie franchises ever. Even assuming that 50% of all copies were pirated that still works out to *does the math* 80 bajillion quadrillion dollars! Are you kidding me! Piracy should be the LEAST of your concerns. It's not like your legions of loyal fans haven't already bought three copies of your damn movies anyway. Argh!

AP: Why did you change your mind and decide to put the original three movies out on DVD now?

Lucas: Just because the market has shifted so dramatically. A lot of people are getting very worried about piracy. That has really eaten dramatically into the sales. It really just came down to, there may not be a market when I wanted to bring it out, which was like, three years from now. So rather than just sit by and watch the whole thing fall apart, better to bring it out early and get it over with.

From an interview with Lucas.

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