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Scott Francis Baker

September 4th, 2004

I crashed my van into Jesus @ 10:52 pm

So I finished Mega Man 3 today. I'm really digging this Mega Man Anniversary Collection that I picked up the other day. Well worth the $25 I spent on it, it's a lot of fun. I highly recommend it if you like Mega Man at all, it's a total blast from the past. After beating Mega Man 3 I decided I'd pop in Final Fantasy X-2 since I haven't even played it since I've owned it. The first 15 minutes are pretty wild. Too early to make a judgement, but it's very pretty.

On another note at Voltron today we watched two episodes of Surreal Life as they had a marathon of the last season running because the new one starts tomorrow. I learned that Vanilla Ice is a total nut job, Erik Estrada is totally badass, and Ron Jeremy is actually a pretty cool guy. I want to watch some more episodes but I can't find it on any P2P networks, or on DVD yet. Oh well.
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Scott Francis Baker