Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Shrimp make better bandages

I should probably update in response to gorgonous's post, and themabbi's post eh? Basically we got back from the ComicCon on Saturday night (Sunday Morning). The ComicCon blew away all my expectations. Before we went down none of us were really sure we could handle 4 full days of comics, so we decided to only go for three days, and we had some contingency plans to go to the San Diego zoo if it was too boring, or overly geeky.

Needless to say we weren't even close to doing anything other than the ComicCon. For those of you that haven't been it's a really amazing event. There is a little bit over EVERYTHING (geeky) there. Comics probably only make up 25% of the event. The San Diego convention center is simply amazing, it's gigantic. They had three 5000+ seat auditoriums for the panels they had, plus a convention floor we figured was probably the size of 40 or 50 gynasiums, not to mention all the anime showings, and other smaller meeting halls. It was quite simply the largest geek explosion I've ever seen!

Highlights of the event would have to include not only meeting, but having a 10 minute conversation with Matt Groening, and also getting him to agree to make out with me!!! I asked if he would mind if I got my picture taken with him, he said sure and put his arm on my shoulder to which I replied surprised, "Wow, you wanna make out?" He laughed and said sure (we didn't really make out). We also saw an entire Klingon play. Apparently walking around in Klingon costumes isn't enough for these guys they also perform as Klingons.

I took a bunch of pictures, 168 to be exact. Mostly of people dressed up, and a lot of them turned out really good. I had a really good time, spent a lot of money, and got some really great comics. I can't wait to go back again!

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