Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

(09:04:53) scooty: lets monitor the temp of my nipples

Tomorrow we head out for the gigantic San Diego ComicCon and I'm getting pretty excited. I think we got things mostly squared away with the home owner across the street for the bushes we burned down. So that's a weight off my shoulders, it will certainly make the ComicCon more enjoyable.

Our flights are as follows

July 22nd:
UA 985 PDX 6:10am -> SFO 7:48am
UA 309 SFO 8:19am -> SAN 9:47am

July 24th
UA6073 SAN 6:05pm -> LAX 6:47pm
UA1208 LAX 7:38pm -> PDX 9:44pm
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