Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Fears of government overspending fuelled by news of $1,800 chairs

I hate to ChatLog spam everyone here (two in one day!) but this was too damn funny to pass up.

(11:51:59) potsie: Weatons going to be in Portland on August 6th.
(11:52:10) potsie: Which is when we are planning on camping.
(11:52:11) potsie: :(
(11:52:23) suck
(11:52:33) well maybe we'll luck out and we'll be forced to stay in town to go to court
(11:52:52) potsie: YAY!
(11:53:02) potsie: You think we could get Wheaton to be a character witness?
(11:53:07) YA!
(11:55:27) potsie: The defense calls WESLEY FUCKEN CRUSHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
(11:55:41) potsie: NOT GUILTY!
(11:56:31) HAHAHAHAHA
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