Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Sir Ian McKellen doesn't like to have people talking about his penis

(10:53:54) potsie: There's a deep philosophical discussion going on over here right now.
(10:54:06) potsie: Would you rather be killed by a vampire, werewolf or zombie?
(10:57:35) scott: Ooooooooooooooh
(10:57:36) scott: uhhhhhhhhh
(10:57:39) scott: vampire
(10:57:45) scott: most vampire victims kind of get off on it a
(10:57:50) scott: werewolf would like maul you
(10:57:56) scott: and a zombie would slowly eat your brains
(10:58:02) potsie: Yeah but what if you got bit by a guy vampire? Then you'd totally gay out.
(10:58:05) scott: heh
(10:58:18) potsie: And end up hanging out with Tom Cruise or somthing.
(10:58:23) scott: HAHA
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