Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Red bulls gives you wings, and I just flew into the ceiling fan

Today was spent mostly dodging the rain. Since the rain ruined my plans to mow the lawn, I decided to stay in my (dry) garage and build a structure for my beans. I busted out my sawzall and my dremel tool to convert some PVC pipe into a bean apparatus. Then Scotty and I made a trip into Gladstone to check out the card store (which was closed) and GI Joes to look at tennis stuff. I had planned on mowing the lawn and playing Tennis today, I accomplished half of one of those. Scott and I were able to sneak about a half a game of tennis in before the rain came back and ruined it.

Since I was pretty much stuck inside with all the rain today I caught up on my comics ( was good to me this month), as well as the new H.P. Lovecraft book Joe bought me at Powell's the other day. There is some really cool X-Men stuff going on it the comics right now. There are three brand new books out this month: Astonishing X-Men, Xcalibur, and New X-Men. That's not counting all the other X titles going on, all of which tie together which is way cool.

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