Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Toddler bitten by man; man claims it served him right

So I started reading Love Monkey today, and it's really good. Quite funny in places. It's very much like High Fidelity, in fact the main character mentions how the guy that wrote High Fidelity must get a million chicks because that whole book is like a person ad for the author. Anyway I'll give you a choice piece of dialogue from the book.

I'm not listening. I sip my half pint of John Courage and take a big swig of Julia. She's a merciless sight. Her skin is a Bain de Soleil ad. It looks as if it's been given a light rubdown by the Mediterranean sun every morning. Her lips are like the first bottle of wine you ever get drunk on. Her ash-blond hair falls expensively to her shoulders, dips ruthlessly over her eyes like a river of lust. I want to bathe in her hair. And those green eyes, as warm as a Christmas Eve Fireplace, with dark accents in the hollows around them. They're soft needy poet's eyes, patient quiet eyes, the eyes of a slight but perpetual disillusionment, eyes that say, Sometimes I like to be hurt. They've got real eyebrows above them, not those absurd penciled parentheses of the ritually overplucked. I don't think she's wearing any makeup except lipstick. The point of makeup is to look the way she doing without it.

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