Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Porsche drivers most likely to cheat on their wives

Just because I haven't made a LiveJournal post about my illness since last week here goes. I'm still ill! I've been sick for more than a week. I'm never sick, what's going on! So my throat is still a little sore and my voice is sort of hosed, but otherwise I'm ok. I'm fully functioning.

The big problem is that I can't sleep. For whatever reason when I lay down I just start to cough. After five or so minutes of being horizontal I'll start to cough, my throat feeling weird. So last night I laid down and I tried to will myself to fall asleep before I started coughing. It didn't work even after rolling over several times. I got really close but no cigar. I gave up. The only thing I can do to NOT cough is to sit up. So I went into my living room around 1:30am with a blanket and sat in my chair to sleep.

Sleeping sitting up really sucks. Especially when it's already late and you have to work the next day. Getting woken up at 3:00 f'ing AM by your pager is even worse. *sigh* Our stupid Canadian tech support couldn't get to the "admin tool." It was 3am, I knew the tool wasn't down so I ignored it and went back to bed making a mental note to send a nasty email about not paging on call when it's not a service affecting outage. I finally settle back down to get some sleep (sitting up) until about 6am when my pager GOES OFF AGAIN!

I check my pager and it reads that one of our DSLAMs is down. What the hell is going on now! I wrap my blanket around my tired, cold, sick body and drag myself down the hall to check things on my computer. *beep beep beep* I check my pager again, the DSLAM is back up! Back to bed I go until 8am when my boss calls asking why I'm not at work yet. Day number two without any sleep, really sucks. For some weird reason I'm not tired through. Perhaps my body is converting light from Earth's yellow sun directly to energy?

Angie made me a doctor's appointment today at 4:45pm. I'm hoping they'll tell me I have some really exotic disease. Considering I never get sick it's the only explanation I'll accept. At this point though, I'll take any sort of remedy that will get me a night's sleep.

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