Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Yellow jackets convert entire mobile home into massive bee hive

Today at work a lady was giving me some advice on how to clear up my nose. She said that while she was pregnant she got a couple sinus infections but they couldn't give her any anti-biotics because they might affect the baby so she had to go a more mundane route. This is what they recommended to her and thus what she recommended to me.

Some cup warm water
Some salt to mix with the water
A spoon

So you mix up this salt water solution and then get a spoonful of the salt and snort it way up your nose. Basically the salt water is supposed to break up whatever is in your sinuses and clear everything out.

Today I went home at lunch at tried it out. I was expecting it would really burn like when your swimming and you get a noseful of water. However the spoon is precisely the right amount of liquid to get enough in your nose, but not enough to cause too much pain. It does burn a little, but it's not too bad. I must say I'm really breathing clearly right now I'm stoked! I totally douched my nose!

P.S. Jason and I gonna make a million dollars selling insulin suppositories.

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