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Scott Francis Baker

May 9th, 2004

The best plan for ensuring a calm, orderly flight probably doesn't include a psycho stewardess freak @ 11:23 pm

Just got back from watching the Survivor finale... wow! There was a lot of anger this season, I think a lot of people took the game very seriously because everyone knew each other a little bit. In the past I always liked Survivor because there is a lot of good involved, when you're stuck with people in a situation like that some bonds form. Apparently there wasn't a lot of that this time, there was a lot of bitter hatred going on.

I was a little surprised to see Jenna, looked like she had a nose job, and it didn't look very good. Amber's "I love Rob" shirt was a little over the top. Richard meeting a special someone thanks to Survivor was pretty funny. Jerry storming off the stage during the commercial break? Wow. Shii Ann getting the car, come on. The surprise at the end even caught me off guard. It'll be interesting to see what happens next week, but I'm sure Rupert has it in the bag. He has the HIGHEST approval rating ever. It's crazy!
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Scott Francis Baker