Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Woman injured in drive-by cow shooting

Went and saw Kill Bill Vol. 2 tonight... I'm going to take the unpopular route and say that I didn't like it. In fact I'm really not impressed with Kill Bill as a whole either. It was too long and drawn out, there was too little action, and what action there was played out too quickly. Not to mention that it was stylistically schizophrenic, and the ending was a let down. It was mediocre at best. It really sucks because Tarantino's early work was absolutely incredible.

On another note I saw the "I, Robot" trailer again. Every time I see that it sickens me. Somewhere Asimov is turning over in his grave. You want to take an idea that he had and turn it into a movie, but for the love of God change the name if you change 90% of the plot. I guess I'm just sore because that's one of my favorite books and they totally butchered it. Sort of like the movie adaptation of Animal Farm. *ugh*

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