Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

If I wanted easy I wouldnt be an engineer or a patriot

So I'm sitting in my front room copying some games to my XBox and I hear some voices in my front yard. Immediately my hand turns into a fist as I go an open the front door thinking someone is breaking into my car again. I get outside and there a teenage guy standing in my driveway and two other guys in my side yard. I'm ready to knock some heads I'm ticked and the guy in my driveway says, "we're just chasing a rabbit, not trespassing or anything." What!?! The hamster falls off it's wheel in my head.

"Did he just say rabbit," I think to myself. I walk out a little farther and they're cornering a rabbit in my side yard. I guess they were driving down the road and almost hit this rabbit so they wanted to catch it so it wouldn't get hit by someone else. Needless to say the rabbit snuck past them and they continued down the road chasing it. Pretty funny really, but I was able to go medieval.

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