Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Drunken WV man drops lawsuit against airline after he learns that filing a lawsuit means he suing

Last night after work we went and picked up my new couch! I had to con Jared into helping me by bribing him with some 7-11 Big Bite hot dogs. I'm convinced that he buys the hotdogs just so that he can get the free cheese they give out. He had a 1/4 pound Big Bite hot dog and about 7 pounds of cheese :)

Anyway after work we took Jared's truck over to Roger Miller and Son Upholstery to pick up the couch we ordered back in February. It turned out excellent, he does excellent work and at a really amazing price. He works out of this little shop, and thus he had to rig up a special fold up window to get the pieces out of the building. I guess they won't let him remodel or put in a bigger door, so he just put in this crazy window instead.

We got it all loaded up and in my house in no time flat thanks to Jared. He's quite the furniture moving nut. Due to a small miscalculation with door widths we had to take the feet off of the couch but we got it in. Now my couch, my chair and a half, and my ottoman are nestled snuggly in my living room and they're gorgeous. After which we took my old couch to Voltron to serve as their new "dining room couch." It should work out swimmingly.

Angie likes them so much she slept on the couch last night. At least that's what she tells me, she swears she wasn't mad at me :)
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