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Scott Francis Baker

April 1st, 2004

Pig molester gets off. Jurisprudentially speaking, that is. @ 09:15 am

I just called a glass company to see about getting Angie's window replaced. To put things in perspective it's the tiny triangular back window. I believe the technical "glass" term is vent. That what the lady at the glass called it anyway. So it's gonna be $152 to get it replaced! The deductible from our insurance company is higher than the window cost so that's out.

The weird thing is, the glass lady asked me if I was going to use my insurance. I said no, because of the deductible. She said that she'd give me the "State Farm" discount price ($152) instead of the retail price of $280! What kind of weird discount is that? For a little tiny piece of triangular glass!?! I can get my entire windshield replaced for less than that! Lame!
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Scott Francis Baker