Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

My penis is for vagina only - David Frey

Nothing like getting woken up at 5:43am... My ever vigilant neighbor (Russ) was driving to the store this morning and saw Angie's car in the driveway with the door open. Someone had broken into it last night and stolen the stereo. Strange part is that it was parked IN my driveway and was locked. So not only did they come onto my property, but they had to break the back window to get into it. They stole the stereo, some CDs, and a big basket full of Angie's AVON products.

I called the cops and filed a police report. Apparently there is another Scott Baker in town (Taesha's Dad?), so the cop thought I was him. Did you know you have to give your date of birth to file a police report? She asked me for my full name and date of birth, it was strange. So anyway the police report is filed now, hopefully Angie can get that window fixed today.

All this after her car has been in the shop for three days getting worked on. I guess in good news we did get her car back from the mechanic which was only $350 instead of the $1000+ I was expecting. Now the serpentine belt tensioner is fixed, and it has new front tires. Now we just have to go to the glass shoppe. *le sigh*

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